Car Diagnostics in Horsham

Worrying light on your dashboard? Choose SWG for car diagnostics in Horsham

Modern vehicles are equipped with an Engine Control Unit (ECU), an onboard computer that is continually taking readings from numerous sensors located around your vehicle. It is able to interpret information from these sensors and detect faults in many of your vehicle’s key systems when they occur. This is often displayed as a warning light on the dashboard.
The ECU communicates with and monitors a wide array of systems across the vehicle including:
Using the latest diagnostic technologies we are able to plug directly into the ECU and take a reading of the data stored there. With this in hand one of our expert technicians in Horsham is able to analyse any of the faults found there.
Once we know what is wrong, we can begin to establish a clear repair solution. We will provide you with a quote for the necessary work and, with your consent, will begin conducting the repairs to our exacting standards.
You can book car diagnostics in Horsham by speaking to one of our friendly staff members today and we will let you know our availability to find a date and time that suits you.
For any questions about diagnostics call your local experts in Southwater, Horsham on 0333 050 9846 or complete our contact form.